NAVIGATE BY THE S.T.A.R.S. Reject (4min)


“Sometimes Love Is Saying No”

A relationship based on strong boundaries and clear intentions (the welfare of the children) can be maintained despite not liking the other person. The use of online calendars and mediators for an annual discussion about any amendments to the parenting plan will make that relationship easier to manage successfully.

Are you wasting your energy complaining about how unreliable the other parent is in arranging time with the children? Use an online diary specially created to show what has been suggested, what has been actually agreed, a clear record of communications (no-one can say ‘I didn’t see that email’ – because it’s not an email. It’s a message in the online platform that shows whether it’s been read or not!)

What other areas cause constant conflict and annoyance? How can you take more responsibility for rejecting that behaviour by making it more difficult for them to behave that way, and by removing the obstacles to what you DO WANT to happen?!


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