NAVIGATE BY THE S.T.A.R.S. Accountability (3min)



What do you need to be accountable for?

Make a short list. How about including things like:

  • Not saying bad things about the other parents unless at least a mile away from any of the children.
  • Not showing disregard or contempt in our expressions when the other parent is mentioned.
  • Not blaming the other parent for ‘causing you’ too much stress (hard one if they are dragging you through the courts – but that’s not your children’s fault).
  • How well you are looking after yourself physically and mentally.

What ways can you hold yourself accountable?

Write out three ways right now (and don’t rely on your children as per the example in my video!). Perhaps you give certain friend permission to pull you on negative talk about your ex or yourself, to help you to break the habit?

How about giving yourself a score at the end of the day in a journal? Do this with humour – no guilt or sense of ‘failure’ is allowed. Just step by step sailing in the right direction the best you can.

Are you remembering to hold yourself accountable for the good things you do?

CELEBRATE!!! If you don’t notice and reward yourself, no-one else is likely too.


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