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The Divorce Process – Organiser

& other key resources

Some extras you may want to acquire on your journey. I’ve included a 15% discount for the products listed.

Divorce Organiser

A useful tool I’ve created which you can use is the Divorce Organiser.

It is available direct from this link: 


What’s included….

The Divorce Organiser allows you to easily keep track of conversations, intentions and helps to keep you in control of your separation/divorce.

The Divorce Organiser is in Word format so that you can simply cut and paste contact information from the experts you speak to, and pop them into your Organiser, which includes both an Address Book and an Organiser where you can keep a record of conversations and make notes about future actions.

The Organiser can also be printed out so you have a hard copy to write in.

For couples who are not legally married, the Organiser equally valuable as a way to keep track of an amicable process of separation.


Secret Divorce Group

A more private space than the growing Closed Group on Facebook provides for sharing questions and experiences – and this more exclusive group is not on Facebook!

The subscription includes monthly webinars/group chats where you ask questions and get ongoing support.

The first 30 days are free and after that it is a low monthly fee to continue the membership. 



The UK Charity Families Need Fathers has a free helpline, and supports mothers as well as fathers.



Charity which empowers single parents throughout the USA.





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