Introduction: Part 3 (2mins)

Red Alerts

As you may already have begun your divorce voyage of discovery, here are some quick Red Alerts to make sure you deal with anything urgent right away. That way you can relax and take your time with the rest of the Masterclass knowing that you are aware of any basics that just need to be dealt with immediately.

Financial: Get your financial paperwork/mortgage/bank accounts/insurances in order to prevent leaving yourself financially vulnerable. This also reduces the chance of resentment against your ex for ‘freezing bank accounts’, not paying the mortgage or running up debts you may be liable for. Make sure you have created your own separate bank account and if you dread dealing with the paperwork, get someone to help you. It’s important.


Legal: Before you decide on DIY, using professional experts, or a combination of both, get initial information and advice. Some people refuse mediation because they do not realise that it can be conducted without you having to sit in the same room (not ideal, but better than going to court!) Remember: you are in charge of your own divorce: not the lawyers!

You’ll get plenty of information to help you plan your journey in this Masterclass – so don’t rush into doing it all DIY before you have made a proper plan.

Not legally married? You have very few legal rights in most US states and in the UK if you are cohabiting – so all the more reason to explore non-adversarial routes through a breakup.


Parenting: It is not divorce that harms children – it’s the way it is done. Avoid at all costs an acrimonious and nasty divorce – it will damage you and your children. However difficult your Ex may become, you are in charge of how you react to their behaviour. There is plenty of coaching and counselling support you can tap into and yes, we will also be looking how to deal with Narcissistic behaviour in the Masterclass. Don’t think you’re the only one with a difficult spouse/ex!


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