Introduction: Part 2 (23mins)

Who is Suzy Miller – Divorce Strategist™️?

And what is Alternative Divorce?


I’m not a lawyer. I’m not a divorce coach. So why have I become the World’s 1st independent Divorce Strategist™️, helping parents and individuals to make Peace the end game of their divorce?

I’m a Public Speaker and Trainer, I’ve been featured on Radio 4 Women’s Hour, the Daily Mail and C5’s The Vanessa Show and been a TEDx Speaker. I’ve even collaborated with the Ministry Of Justice in helping to promote Dispute Resolution and educate couples on how to have a more peaceful divorce. I’m the creator of the UK’s first Divorce Fairs which were reported in the New York Times and Washington Post, and inspired New York’s own divorce fair. Essentially – I campaign relentlessly for better ways to divorce.

I guess it all started because I was on the co-parenting journey myself, and I wanted to share what I’d learned from the many experts I had spoken to, because I know that most people have no idea who to turn to.

I wanted to bust some myths (like “mediation only works for divorcing parents who get on well” – when actually it works for adversarial couples too), and because I was never married – so in effect I had no legal rights and HAD to learn how to “Please don’t fight – Break up right!” – (my middle child came up with that byline by the way when he was 10. Thanks for that Joe) – and I knew that being nice to your Ex can be tough at times, but that amicable co-parenting is more possible than you might think.

Having worked with individuals and couples over many years now, I continue to be impressed and in awe of the capacity of even the most hurt and angry parent to learn new ways to perceive their situation, to become empowered and to create a healthy new life for themselves and their children. And to not waste money on legal fees they don’t need.

Part of my role is to offer practical support but within the context of what that client can manage, without judging them harshly or becoming frustrated with the speed of progress. It is a role that can not only link that client to the resources and people they need to help them but allow them to have the emotional and mental space (by feeling less overwhelmed) to leverage that support.

Just imagine how much less stressful it can be if you’ve been directed to talk to a parenting expert who can show you how to create a more peaceful co-parenting situation?

Imagine how much easier it will be to agree on a financial settlement if you are not spending all your money on lawyer’s fees, because you are being guided to talk to the people with the real expertise – like financial planners – who have no financial interest in you not coming to an agreement as quickly as possible and are not caught up in a toxic divorce system?

Just imagine how much easier it will be for your children to form healthy relationships in the future, if they see their parents acting as solid role models of how to deal with a difficult and painful breakup without it turning into a bitter, prolonged court battle?

And all of this will help make a less stressful and less adversarial divorce more likely.

My Story:

Why have I created this ‘Divorce Masterclass’?

Quite simply, to inspire and empower parents to co-parent without conflict during or after a family breakup. If you learn things from life, it only seems natural to then share them.

This journey led me to create the UK’s first Divorce Fairs (Starting Over Shows), and to be featured on BBC Breakfast TV, C5’s Vanessa Show, BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, and to provide expert advice in many national newspapers and magazines, plus write for the Daily Mail and national parenting magazines.

My partner ended our 10-year relationship in 2003. Our three children were aged 6, 4 and 1 at the time, and it was the most painful and traumatic experience of my life. However, as the years passed, I soon became grateful that my ex had the courage to end a relationship that was not truly feeding either of us, and we now have a healthy respect for each other.

It was tough getting to where I am now, and on the way I learned that accessing the right information, support and help both legally, financially and emotionally, was essential. My ex-partner is a supportive co-parent, sharing the same values and sometimes it amazes me how we got to be in such a good place despite some very difficult times getting here. Yes, it wasn’t an easy journey – but that’s another story!

It takes courage and vision and a determination to believe in a positive future when life seems nothing but a struggle, but the joy of children is that they provide a massive incentive to make that extra effort. It is not a journey anyone needs to make alone.

In 2010 I created the UK’s first ‘Divorce Fair’ which was called the Starting Over Show, and helped steer people towards mediation and away from an adversarial breakup, as well as providing information and inspiration for people starting over from redundancy and bereavement, and other life changes.

There are skilled people who can help with all aspects of Starting Over who are there to be accessed via CoParenting in a Box and the Alternative Divorce Directory. Information and Inspiration are what helped me move forward in my life. I want to make those resources available to everyone through resources like the Divorce Travel Guide and Divorce Organiser, helping people who are navigating family breakup and wanting their broken family to transform into an extended family. People who also want to save money on legal fees, reduce the stress on their children, and stay out of court.

I don’t know anyone else who really does what I do – where using strategy, cleverness, broad thinking and common sense, together we make sure that in the battle of divorce and family separation, we make Peace our Weapon of Choice™️.


1-1 Divorce Strategy Consultation

A 1-1 Zoom/call with me to clarify what steps you need to take, how to proceed strategically so that you save many thousands of £s/$s and most of all, how you put in the boundaries and foundations for a long term successful co-parenting relationship.



  • 1hr x 1-1 Session phone/skype/zoom
  • Further 1-1 Session when required
  • Divorce Organiser (retails £58 on Amazon)
  • Full Report of the session as a pdf
  • Personal introductions to the experts you need (many offer free no-obligation discovery sessions)
  • Free one month access to my Secret Divorce Group (including interactive monthly webinars for ongoing support)

Total cost: £450 


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