How To Separate Amicably – Sussex hosts UK’s first ever ‘Best Way To Split Retreat’

How To Separate Amicably – Sussex hosts UK’s first ever ‘Best Way To Split Retreat’

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Suzy Miller: Email:    Tel: 07525 059 634

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32% of children whose parents are divorced exhibit a high level of mental health problems of some kind1.  Yet it doesn’t have to be that way. “Peaceful divorce can be available to everyone”, says divorce strategist Suzy Miller, “and children can be better off with parents who are no longer together, but who still get on reasonably well than having to cope with the fallout from living with two people whose relationship has completely broken down. Think Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin and their intentionally friendly ‘conscious uncoupling’, rather than Boris and Lilly Becker!”

Organised by Suzy, the UK’s first ever The Best Way to Split RetreatTM, is a pioneering event which takes place at the Ashdown Park Hotel from 14-16th September.  It is designed to provide information and practical tools to help couples who are on the brink of divorce or separation to split up in the most amicable way.

“Divorcing peacefully is about boundaries, clarity and focusing on the children’s needs rather than your own hurt” says Suzy. “It’s tough to behave like a ‘grown up’ in divorce when your emotions are running high and you’re afraid of the financial implications or are worried about whether or not you’ll ever date again” says Suzy. “It can be a terrifying time.”  She believes that what’s missing in the divorce process is “a place to relax and consider all your options, where you can create a strategy with support from experts, even if your spouse, or ex-partner, is not being helpful in keeping things amicable. That is what this weekend is all about.”

The retreat takes place on the outskirts of Forest Row, where there is a higher percentage (10.3%) of divorced and separated residents than the national average (8.7%)2  It is a collaboration of professionals, including experts in law, finance, parenting and wellbeing, along with support organisations such as Families Need Fathers, all of whom are committed to helping couples to find the most peaceful way to part, whilst avoiding the animosity usually associated with separation.  Workshops will cover mediation and other forms of dispute resolution, co-parenting, financial strategies, relationship skills, dealing with domestic abuse, holistic relaxation, nutrition and even crystal healing.

Sponsoring a free delegate space each are Lewis based Chartered Accountants & Tax Advisors Knill James and Tisshaws Family Law Solicitors based in Haywards Heath. Verity Eunson-Hickey, Senior Associate Solicitor at Tisshaws said People are scared that seeing a lawyer about their divorce means things are automatically going to turn nasty.  A good family lawyer won’t force you down the path to court, but they will make sure you are fully informed about your rights and options and help guide and support you at a time when you need that the most.  Many people are not even aware of some of the dispute resolution choices open to them.  Having the information you need can save a lot of time, money and stress!”

The retreat is aimed not at couples, rather at individuals who will benefit from time away to gather information, learn practical tools and plan how to change their family structure.  As Suzy says, “It only takes one person to stay sane in a divorce – to hold a safe harbour of common sense for the other parent to access at any point when they get bored of wasting money and being angry all the time.  The more the ‘sane’ parent knows about how to make that happen right from the start – or before the assets are all spent on legal fees – the more children will be spared the damage that a nasty divorce bequeaths them.”

For more information about the event, visit

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  1. Millennium Cohort Study (MCS)




Event Details:

Friday 14th 6pm to 6pm Sunday afternoon 16th September 2018 at the Ashdown Park Hotel, East Grinstead Sussex. £348 per person exc accommodation.

For more information, visit

Event Organiser Suzy Miller: Divorce Strategist and campaigner for peaceful divorce

  • Suzy campaigns for better and more peaceful ways to divorce and has collaborated with the Ministry of Justice in helping to promote dispute resolution along with helping hundreds of couples to have a more peaceful divorce
  • Affiliated to the Family Mediation Association, Suzy was the creator of the UK’s first Divorce Fair held in Brighton in 2009, and now the UK’s first “Best Way to Split Retreat™”
  • She is the creator of the UK’s unique ‘Alternative Divorce Guide’ and is a regular public speaker and has been featured on Radio 4 Women’s Hour, the Daily Mail and C5’s The Vanessa Show.
  • Suzy believes that no-one needs to be ‘a broken family’: through the right information, inspiration and divorce strategies, we can all help our friends, family and colleagues to have an ‘extended’ family instead.
  • Suzy split from her partner of 10 years when their three children were very young and she found that building a strong co-parenting relationship is tough when your heart is broken – but still possible!

For more information about Suzy Miller please visit

Email: Phone: 07525 059 634

Collaborators include:

Families Need Fathers: FNF is the leading UK charity supporting dads, mums and grandparents to have personal contact and meaningful relationships with their children following parental separation. They offer information, advice and support services helping parents to achieve a positive outcome for their children.

With their online Forum and network of over 50 UK branches, FNF also offers pro-bono guidance of solicitors and others familiar with the operation of the family courts.

Tisshaws Family Law: Tisshaws are the largest family law firm in Mid Susssex, specializing in divorce, separation, children and financial matters. They believe in finding the best possible solution for both parties and their families and encourage amicable settlements and promote alternatives to court wherever possible.

Contact: Verity Eunson-Hickey, Senior Associate Solicitor Tel: 01444 472700

Knill James Accountants: Knill James are a well-established and highly respected firm of accountants, providing services to businesses in the London, Brighton, Lewes, Gatwick Diamond area and throughout the South East. They support clients who are dealing with divorce in helping reduce the stress of gathering the necessary financial and tax information.

Contact: David Martin, Partner Tel: 01273 484933

For the full list of workshops and facilitators please click here:


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