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Best Way To Divorce UK DIY



  • Simple 6-step Infographic and How To Get Started Video


  • Get clarity on the DIY Divorce process


  • Be aware of common mistakes so you can avoid the pitfalls


  • Stay In Control – even if you are nervous about the whole process.

I've already started my divorce - can this help me?

Absolutely! This resource allows you to self-manage your divorce, even if you are using lawyers, or ending a civil partnership.

"Gleaned so much more information and really wished that I had come to you before spending thousands of pounds on solicitors (still paying off the debt on credit cards) yet basically getting nowhere ! " MM


What’s your situation:

Researching divorce?

Right in the thick of it?

It’s over but still have legal loose ends?

I can guide you to free resources that provide access to the divorce petition and free divorce forms, information about family mediation, whether you need a family lawyer and when, keeping your divorce out of court, ways to cope emotionally with separation and why the family law process can be so toxic – so you can keep things peaceful.

As a TEDx speaker and Divorce Strategist I’m determined to change the way the family law system works.

“Just when everything is crashing and collapsing she can calmly show you the green shoots of change amongst the pain of your broken dreams. She shows you your action now, while using her step by step guide can drastically reduce the fear that stops us starting that next new chapter of our life." AE

What if I need more help?

No problem. We have some great resources to support you. Find out more when you access the infographic.

Even if you have a very ‘difficult’ spouse or partner – I can make sure you avoid the usual mistakes that other people make.

Mistakes that cost them thousands and causes misery. Most of this is completely avoidable. I can navigate you in the right direction.

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I Want The Infographic + Video Now Please