Starting Over Show: Forest Row Useful Resources

Starting Over Show: Forest Row Useful Resources

Here are some local resources and initiatives you might like to know more about – many thanks to those who have shared information about the Starting Over Shows with the community!

Forest Row Local (formerly forest row news) is THE local community magazine for Forest Row and surrounding Villages.
Supermum Sussex
‘What if we told you that the perfect gift or service was on your doorstep? from your local cake baker, music tutor or party venue to whats on in and around Sussex we have it all’ feel free to join us!
Transition Forest Row: Supporting community-led responses to peak oil and climate change, building resilience and happiness
veasey fish2
Veasey & Sons
Fish the way it should be, fished the way it should be.
ziggys1 ziggys2
Ziggy’s Pet Supplies
Ziggy’s is a new venture in Forest Row which arose from the realisation that there is nowhere that offers people a choice of high quality, ethically sourced pet foods, supplements and accessories. Ziggy’s aim is to cater for all small animals from dogs to mice including chickens which many people keep as pets.
Forest Row Energy 
Forest Row Parish Council supporting various initiatives including:

Community Cafe Logo
Forest Row Cafe 
Thursday Club logo (1)
The Thursday Club  
Youth Club
Forest Row Car Club
Forest Row Cycle Hire
Forest Row Market
Venue On The Green
Forest Row Film Society
oval cow
Tablehurst and Plawhatch Community Farms
Community Supported Agriculture

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