Divorcing a Narcissist?

Ruth Driscoll is creating a global liberation leading those living with manipulative, abusive or controlling relationships into empowerment and freedom.

Ruth’s training and programmes offer impactful insights into how to regain your life and your sense of well-being with confidence, congruence and dignity. She also  helps people to prepare effectively and to not be triggered or bullied by a difficult spouse when using divorce mediation.


“Ruth is an awesome woman and an expert in her field. She has supported and championed me no end and I can’t recommend her highly enough.” MW

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You will gain confidence in communicating effectively with your ex-partner, even if that partner behaves in a manipulative, abusive or controlling manner. You will know exactly how to frame the conversation to get productive outcomes.

“We spent two years attending counselling. Working with Ruth has been like night and day in comparison. Her content is really precise – nothing wishy-washy. I am really pleased with the input and the content of the learning. Although it’s hard work, the results are good.” SM

Ruth was the long-standing and successful Headteacher of a challenging inner-city primary school before the bullying of an abusive partner caused a complete change to her circumstances. She now uses her personal and professional experiences to provide a unique perspective on how to communicate effectively and safely in situations that can be provocative and distressing. Because of her professional expertise, Ruth has a deep understanding of the potential emotional damage to children when parents are in disagreement.

Her support encourages parents to operate in a manner that protects the children’s well-being. She provides workshops, plus a range of online programmes teaching the skills and strategies needed to negotiate challenging situations where you need to hold your own with grace and respect and find comfortable workable outcomes for moving forwards. Ruth is a mentor, trainer, an award-winning professional public speaker and No.1 International Best-Selling Author. She is an Ambassador for Women of Contribution. Her TEDx talk ‘Don’t Let Fear Interfere’ can be found on YouTube.

“Ruth brings real understanding to a subject that is still not discussed enough. Her work on handling manipulative, abusive, controlling relationships is hard-hitting and extremely powerful. She is sensational.”  AM

Access a complimentary 1-1 with Ruth after watching her share excellent advice in our recorded workshops. Ruth appears in both the UK and the Californian Workshops.



Creator of Best Way To Divorce. International Divorce Divorce Strategist and TEDx Speaker.
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