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How much is conflict making your divorce a money pit?
Want to know to use ‘peace’ to turn costly conflict, into a creative strategy for the best way to divorce through
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"Gleaned so much more information and really wished that I had come to you before spending thousands of pounds on solicitors (still paying off the debt on credit cards) yet basically getting nowhere ! " MM

Do you want to:

– Get back in control and avoid being sucked into an adversarial legal system?

– ‘Bootcamp’ yourself for mediation and know when and how best to make use of it?

– Feel free to plan a future you can look forward to?

– Look your kids in the eyes and know you did your best to keep it peaceful?

– Start over unburdened financially and emotionally by the divorce?

How does it work?

  • I share all the info you need
  • You save thousands on your divorce
  • You feel less stressed and more in control

Includes a report of our consultation and personal introductions to professionals you need – most of the professionals you are referred to will offer complimentary initial conversations or even whole consultations.

Do we want the same things?

I believe…..


  • There is no such thing as a broken family – only an extended family.


  • Court is not the only place to divorce a narcissitic spouse – if you use the right strategies and support, dispute resolution offers some great options.


  • In the war of divorce, always make peace your weapon of choice. Which means you need to do some homework. I tell people what the lawyers don’t tell them.


My clients:

– Save thousands of wasted money on legal fees

– Build successful co-parenting with strong boundaries in place

– Are excited about their future life

"Talking to Suzy about my divorce process has totally transformed how I view my path ahead. Suzy helped me see this as not just an admin process but a chance to build the future I want for myself and my young children. I came away from our meeting with a logical plan of how I could tackle the process one step at a time rather than just trying to leap to an end goal. I absolutely loved how for every worry I had, Suzy had an expert I could talk to. The Secret Divorce Club is also a great resource and a wonderful community to be a part of. I'll be forever grateful to Suzy for this positive starting block and for providing the valuable resources to take me through my journey." S.P.

An example of how this could look for you:

Membership of the Secret Divorce Group is included (lifetime membership!) and I might recommend we cover some of the following for our initial Strategy Session:


  • Your wellbeing – what you plan to do as the children grow older. What level of stability do you want – are you happy to move around rental accommodations if that means you don’t have to be responsible if the boiler breaks (ps. there are insurance policies for that BTW!) How are you making time for yourself. What strategies would put you in the forefront rather than back of the queue. Talking to a divorce coach I’ll introduce you to for a complimentary session about this first would be good – to focus on more general areas that are easy to achieve but that could really benefit you psychologically and keep you on top form.


  • The financial aspects – after you’ve had a session with our Chartered Financial Planner, and got some info back from a mortgage advisor, we’d discuss the different options and you would formulate what you want to be proposing to your Ex, and how (ie. there is more than mediation on offer as a way to negotiate).


  • The various options beyond mediation – such as arbitration and collaborative law. Being clear on how to avoid court because your Ex probably doesn’t realise how many good ways there are to avoid court where possible, but you will know those options. We’d look at staying one step ahead of what he might do, so you have a clear plan of action for every eventuality. When you are in the App, inside the Secret Divorce Group Meetup tile, there are some great interviews with parents in equally tricky situations that you will find helpful.


  • The co-parenting plan – getting that started so it’s easy for you to then update. Getting Our Family Wizard shared diary set up and also with your older children having access, so they can maintain contact with their other parent but in healthy, boundaried ways.


All of the above list you can of course do yourself with the help of the experts I’ll introduce you to, and support via the App, but if you do want more 1-1 support then those are the areas I would suggest we focus on, in whatever order is most relevant and useful for you.

The Full Journey

The Complete Divorce Strategy – Regular Sessions which makes sure you save thousands of pounds/dollars and massively reduce the stress and strain of the separation experience.

Prep the Voyage


Free the Anchor

Take Control – creating emotional, psychological and co-parenting resilience

Hoist the MainSail

The Divorce Tool Kit – saving thousands and losing the fear around the finances

Set the Compass

Create your bespoke ‘travel guide’ for your own divorce

Starting Over

Focus on what’s next

The Complete Divorce Strategy - Five Sessions in a 90 Day Programme - which makes sure you save thousands of pounds/dollars and massively reduce the stress and strain of the separation experience.

I was honoured to be asked to present a TEDx Talk in December 2019.

I called it: The Peace Delusion in the War of Divorce

1-1 Online/Phone Divorce Strategy Session

I’m looking to work with divorcing individuals who:  


  •  Think it’s not fair that they might lose everything they’ve ever worked for just because of the divorce and want to feel confident about their future


  •  Are determined that their children will not suffer because of the family separation and don’t want to feel guilty about what is happening to the family right now


  •  Would feel empowered by knowing ALL the divorce options available to them and what strategies to use to make sure their divorce goes as smoothly and in as stress-free a way as possible.


Organisations Suzy has collaborated with:



"Suzy Miller is the UK’s unique ‘Alternative Divorce Guide’, A Divorce Strategist, TEDx Speaker, featured on Radio 4 Women’s Hour, the Daily Mail and C5’s The Vanessa Show. Her 1st Divorce Fair was written about in the New York Times and the Washington Post."

I have collaborated with the Ministry Of Justice in helping to promote Dispute Resolution and educate couples on how to have a more peaceful divorce. I’m the creator of the UK’s first Divorce Fair and campaign for better ways to divorce.

I don’t believe in ‘broken families’: I believe in ‘extended’ families.


And as a Divorce Strategist, I’m always happy to guide people towards the right person to talk to at the right time, and offer them a wealth of resources through my online free resources.

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“Just when everything is crashing and collapsing she can calmly show you the green shoots of change amongst the pain of your broken dreams. She shows you your action now, while using her step by step guide can drastically reduce the fear that stops us starting that next new chapter of our life." AE

Book Your Divorce Strategy 1-1 Consultation Subscription for £59/$69 and get started right away

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