I encourage all parents to use online co-parenting plan templates and online diaries that are specifically designed to help parents communicate about the children without texting, emailing or shouting down the phone.

It’s a great thing to do before mediation (or a reason to engage in mediation to refine the parenting plan) as this builds trust and communication in the mediation process BEFORE launching into the financials.

And what they do agree on in the parenting plan (no matter how small a % that is agreed on!) will inevitably impact the way the finances are split. So completing a plan should be job number one on the divorce to-do list.

Another great advantage is it helps parents put in clear boundaries early on which reduces bullying opportunities and again reduces conflict.

Parents are so overwhelmed though that I’m now not just directing them to the resources …

But also offering a affordable 90 minute session to get them up and running.

This is a one off (£175) 90min session with myself on zoom, specifically to get the parenting plan and online diary set up.

The only additional cost will be the parenting plan template – a $10 one-off payment – and the online diary is $99 per year but you can refund the money within 30 days if you decide not to use it. (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have used it – and boy did they need it!)

Create a Co-Parenting Plan & Communication Strategy/Boundaries

NOT a UK Resident? - Create a Co-Parenting Plan

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