Better Way To Divorce & Co-Parenting Workshop UK

Thursday 14 December 2023

8-9pm UK

Save Thousands - Stay Sane

I really can’t thank you enough. You have started me on a road I knew absolutely nothing about and together with health issues at the moment has been putting me in a mental health position of considering that I have no options, but that I must stay on this planet for my children. It has been very dark, whilst normally glass half full. You have shown me that there may be possibilities. Thank you. - C.W.

Take away the fear around the divorce finances

I guarantee my divorce strategies will save you thousands in legal fees.

Co-Parenting with a difficult Ex?

I will share with you what the lawyers don’t tell you, and how to co-parent even if you have the Ex from hell.

How to use dispute resolution strategically

Peace isn’t fluffy – my peace toolkit works with difficult spouses too – even yours!

Thanks again for your divorce strategizing help Suzy…I love all the information you provide on your pages for the nitty gritty of the divorce process, and for me this self-care kind of stuff lends an element of excitement and positivity to This Next Chapter. EY

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Save Thousands - Stay Sane


TEDx 2019

The Peace Delusion in the War of Divorce 

Or in other words – why Suzy Miller makes ‘Peace her weapon of choice’

Save Thousands - Stay Sane