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  • Interactive monthly group chats (recorded incase you want to watch them again)


  • Introductions to experts who can support you through the divorce and beyond


  • Free subscription to dTour.Life case management system to manage your own divorce, including a co-parenting plan template


  • A complimentary 1-1 Divorce Navigation call with Suzy (if you’ve not already had one!)


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An extra resource: 6 free videos to help you to navigate the divorce process

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Divorce Application Online

Divorce Application


The whole process can be done online and is not difficult. You just need your marriage certificate and a debit/credit card to submit your application.


But there are some things you SHOULD CONSIDER before you apply.


  • If you are not a UK citizen and don’t have indefinite leave to remain, you must talk to an immigration lawyer as divorce could change your legal status in the UK.


  • Gather any relevant financial information that is not in your name. After you apply for a divorce, you can’t just open a drawer and help yourself to your spouse’s bank statements, like maybe you can now?


  • Be careful about joint applications or leaving it all to your spouse. Are they really going to drive this forward, or maybe slow things down?


  • Do your homework: Watch our Divorcing a Difficult Spouse Workshop Webinar right now, which includes complimentary initial consultations with most of the experts in the workshop – and more if you need them.

Strategies on dealing with very ‘difficult’ co-parents

Create your own Co-Parenting Plan

What to put in the plan, and how to use the co-parenting online diary

Free co-parenting diary subscription included (limited time offer)

Access the co-parenting resources.

If you haven’t already, please make use of the free access to WeParent Online Co-Parenting diary.

Just look for the Co-Parenting Plan tile in the Resource Hub.

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