Suzy Miller is a Divorce Strategist™️, Public Speaker and Trainer, featured on Radio 4 Women’s Hour, the Daily Mail and C5’s The Vanessa Show, and creator of the UK’s 1st Divorce Fairs. Suzy has been a TEDx Speaker, and works internationally helping divorcing families to evolve from ‘broken families’ into ‘extended families’ by showing them how to avoid costly court battles and to use Peace as their Weapon of Choice™️.

My Story

Suzy Miller is the UK’s unique ‘Alternative Divorce Guide’, A Divorce Strategist™️, Public Speaker and Trainer, TEDx Speaker, featured on Radio 4 Women’s Hour, the Daily Mail and C5’s The Vanessa Show.

My intention is to guide people towards a more peaceful way for their family to changing form. If you are facing divorce, or starting over from family break up, or beginning a family with your partner without a Life Plan Agreement in place, then you are in the right place.

Those situations all have two things in common:

Firstly, there are practical issues that need resolving – legalities, financial advice – but your emotions can get in the way, so….

Secondly, there are emotional and psychological issues that need addressing. Luckily, I have gathered together advice, resources and lots of experts in law, finance and wellbeing to help you.  Together they provide no-cost no-obligation initial conversations (sometimes whole taster sessions) to help you to deal with the practical issues, and to make sure the emotional stuff gets sorted too (and doesn’t get in the way!)

For parents who don’t live together any more through The Co-Parenting Resources in the Resource Hub, I provide resources include a wealth of videos, free content and complimentary 1-1 discovery sessions with experts in law, finance, wellbeing and parenting – to help with the inevitable challenges facing parents who don’t live together anymore.

Why do I do this?

Through my own experience of family break up, of not having any legal protection (no living together agreement), and watching my married friends get divorced and the misery and cost and conflict that came about, I felt a need to share what I have learned.

I created Starting Over Shows – the UK’s first ever Divorce Fairs –  a Directory of experts focused on non-adversarial ways to divorce (mediation, collaborative law – all keeping people out of court); and a way to create a Living Together Life Plan and Agreement so those who don’t marry will not end up in the situation I found myself in. And as a Divorce Strategist, I am always happy to guide people towards the right person to talk to at the right time.

I believe conflict is a natural way for us to learn about ourselves, and to practice not being so judgemental of others.

How come?

Well, because the only way we can find peace through major life shifts like divorce, family separation, and also more positive events such as starting a family in a living together relationship – is to change the way we see these events, and so therefore, the way we deal with them. These are all times in our lives when we can feel under pressure.  And the more we learn to not judge and condemn or have totally unrealistic expectations of others, the better the outcomes, the more peaceful we become.

But how can we do that in practice?

It is the holistic blending of life coaching, counselling, and healing arts with the legal and financial aspects, that makes for a successful map to carry on life’s journey through challenging situations. I am happy to be your guide if you need some help navigating some of those more tricky life changes, and want to do it in a way that ultimately (whatever you may believe at the moment is possible) will bring you more peace. Feel free to email me at Suzy@StartingOverShow.com, or ask questions in our Secret Divorce Group.

Best wishes


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TEDx 2019

The Peace Delusion in the War of Divorce 

Or in other words – why Suzy Miller makes ‘Peace her weapon of choice’