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How to Save £/$ 50,000 in legal fees, and co-parent well

Even if you have the Ex from hell.


Save a min £/$ 50,000 on legal fees


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How To Save At Least

$/£50,000 When Divorcing

Most people sleep walk into their divorce and they squander at least $/£50,000 that they shouldn’t have spent, because they don’t know what the lawyers don’t tell them.

As an international UK/US Divorce Strategist, TEDx Speaker, and creator of the live streamed Divorce TV Show, I will make sure that in these thirty short video lessons you will know everything you need to know to keep the costs down – to not only pay for the right things at the right times from the right people, but also how to access a great deal of support for free.

Most of all I will make sure you can you look your kids in the eyes and say: “Hey – I took the trouble to do some homework, and I made sure we did this divorce thing the best way possible.”

So let’s go on a journey together to make sure you save thousands which would be better spent on the kids!

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