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Does Childbirth Trigger Divorce?

  Demographic studies show that more than 40 percent of children born to two parents can expect to live in a single-parent family by the time they are 18.  Parenthood seems to provoke the spike in the divorce and separation statistics, with roughly a fifth of all marriages ending within five years after the birth […]

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Does sex after birth cause divorce?

Roughly a fifth of all marriages end within five years after the birth of the first child. Reflexologist and Birth Doula Sophia Smith describes the pressures on relationships post-birth, and how reflexology and homely advice can support the parental relationship.     There are both physical and psychological deterrents to pleasurable sex for new parents. […]

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Survey of law firms effectiveness in promoting Dispute Resolution

  Survey to measure how law firms promote DR and how well they do it: How does your firm measure up?   I believe there are two reasons why the majority of law firms I observe who offer dispute resolution, fail to proactively promote it.  I think it’s about time someone pointed them out.   […]

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Why the supplement I use for my family is the best in the world

Business Opportunities for stay at home parents – who are looking for ways to socialise, make a growing income, and also be part of one of the best most respected and ethical companies in the world – appear to be many.  Most are expensive to start and disappear in a puff of smoke after a […]

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Do Sick Babies cause Divorce?

An inspirational story by a mother who describes the strain on her marriage when one of their twins is born with brain damage.   Sarah’s Story     Study on bereaved parents and divorce   In an article entitled Bereaved Parents and Divorce by Dr Mark Hardt Ph.D. & Dannette Carroll, it is reported that in […]

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