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Should employees pay divorce insurance to protect employers?

Divorce costs to the employee and the employer can be staggering. It is estimated that divorce costs the British economy up to £46 billion every year (that’s more than we spend on defence), and the Chamber of Commerce are well aware of the intrinsic relationship between employees’ wellbeing and business productivity.     Divorce hurting […]

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Just 60 seconds to make something clearer……

In just 60 short seconds, the impact on children of divorce and family separation is clear to see – through the artwork of a group of children, collated from images from Postcards from Splitsville.     If you know anyone in this situation, let them visit      

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Why Madonna inspired CoParenting in a Box™

It’s not enough to just have a ‘good divorce’ Madonna – she and other parents like her – are the reason why I created a resource that is now partnering with organisations like National Family Mediation and Families Need Fathers. Even though she had a very civilised divorce (using the Collaborative Law process) the later custody battles (now resolved) show that […]

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